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28 July 2005 @ 12:05 am
So, I'm leaving for my little trip to my grandparents' house in Maine, starting tomorrow. A two-day, eighteen hour car ride is what it'll take to get there. Thankfully, they have a computer with internet access there. Unfortunately, it's a rather crummy one and it has NO WORD PROCESSOR. How on earth does that work? Anyway, as our home computer is still a basket case. Currently it's refusing to make bootup disks. And of course my dad had put off making the necessary backup disks after we got it (that was going on a year ago) and so has had to order them. And if they don't work, he threatens, he shall have to do a "hard restart" and wipe everything but the factory-loaded settings and files. If that happens, I think I will cry. I have so many partially completed story files, website pages, sprites, and random bits of art junk lying around in there. I don't want the alternate thirty-first chapter of Clouded Sky to get killed, for Mew's sake! And all I can say is this laptop had better be able to burn CD's. I'm eight pages through the official CS chapter and want to finish that over vacation.

Alex came over today to give my brother baritone lessons. This lasted for about ten minutes before Alex announced that he couldn't teach Jon because he is playing treble clef and he only knows base clef. After that we played Magic for a couple of hours, followed by a good dose of Super Smash Bros. Melee. That was quite fun, I must say. SSBM produces great quotes, such as "No! I didn't want to die permanently!" (Alex).

And I got the weirdest call from Ian today, too. He said he'd been reading CS and was liking it, which is good in my book, but that it was giving him terrible deja-vu. Apparently, he saw an anime when he was little that was about a boy trapped in a city that had been surrounded by a protected sphere. Supposedly, a war had destroyed all life outside of said protected area, leaving the total estimate for the world population to be something like 300,000. Anyway, the boy got in trouble with the government and was forced to try to leave the city. Apparently, though, it's an anime series thingie and he only ever watched the first episode dealie. After calling me he dug around online and came up what he thought was the name, "Raxephon."

I must Google this for myself and see what I can find out; I was very weirded out by his description and how eerily close the plot seems to come to CS. He showed up at our house later, too, after Alex had left (good thing, too. Those two together in one room is BAD NEWS) and wanted to talk about drawing some Waytaran pokemon, which I thought was very flattering, as he is a very good artist, especially with fantasy things.

I finished up Deep Secret, a Dianna Wynne Jones book my mom had bought me secondhand. Unfortunately, she brought it home the day that HP VI thumped onto our porch, so it was pushed aside for a couple of days. It was a real treat, of course. Her books always awe me. I mean, I look at a good fanfic and say, that's a cool plot, and then I look at a book by her and say, now that is plot!. Secrets within secrets, all neatly bound together by slightly twisted logic and all rigorously hinted at early on. I wish I could write something that complex.

So I'm in an odd mood. A little irritated, a little tired, and a little...well, odd.
Status: weirdStrange
Actactonthat on July 29th, 2005 07:37 pm (UTC)
I must say. SSBM produces great quotes, such as "No! I didn't want to die permanently!"

Very, very true. Very.

Feh. Not only do I not want to labor through the horror that is 600+ pages of HP crud, I'm a noncomformist. So, bah. They say 50,000 Frenchman can't be wrong, but 'they' haven't read Harry Potter...