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03 August 2005 @ 09:38 pm
New Frontiers  
Well, hello from Maine, all. The internet connection here leaves much to be desired, so I haven't had time to really do an update. And as the computer is under my brother's control for the duration of my stay here, I haven't been able to do the writing that I had wanted to do, either. What he has against clacking keys at 2 AM is beyond me...

Anyway, I really love Maine even though it is considerably lower tech than home. For one, the yard is a heck of a lot bigger. I am an outdoors nut, really, and we certainly have that here. If it weren't for the fact that the mosquitos seem to want to suck me dry this year (they usually leave me alone; I'm confused), I would be having an absolute blast. Even with the bugs, the fact that there are approximately seven hundred wild raspberry bushes lurking out in the woods which are currently bearing fruit. I therefore spend most of my outdoor time playing "prehistoric nomadic gatherer" and migrating from clump to clump, searching for ripe berries. Yeah, it's the life.

Also, this year my grandparents acquired a new inflatable boat thing that my brother and I can take out on the river. Unfortunately, my brother seems somewhat of a wimp when it comes to boats, as he won't let us go far out, citing the fact that "we might put a hole in it on those twigs" or "the current is too fast over there." I can't row the boat myself, so I have to put up with it. It's fun, anyway.

I finally reached the battle frontier on Emerald! It's sweet. I can only do the battle factory so far because I don't have the resources with me to build teams for other areas yet, but I do have a silver knowledge symbol already. Going for gold is going to be hard, though; I swear, the AI may be stupid but it has incredible hax. I was only three wins away from a gold symbol before a lapras beat me down, and that's the closest I've gotten.

Anyway, I've been brainstorming a lot for a work of original fiction that I've been planning, but since I'm cut off from most of my fanfiction, I've been doing minor little pieces to try to keep my brain excercised. Mostly I'm looking at using the first-person perspective, which is something I think I need to practice on. This is the result; it's not really first-person, and it's so short that I didn't think it worth of FF.net, but if anybody could give me crit on it anyway, that would be good. Oh, and I swear to LJ cut this as soon as I get my butt over to the little "help" button and find out how.


It’s often said that arcanine are the best runners there are. Humans in particular seem fascinated by our prowess; when we run, they say, we seem to be flying, as though our forward motion has nothing to do with anything so clumsy or mundane as our paws pushing off from the earth.

Whenever I think about the awe the image of an arcanine soaring along full-tilt seems to conjure I always smile slightly to myself, silently amused. For no human has ever seen an arcanine truly run.

Battle-trained arcanine such as myself are often taught to harness their terrific speed, to channel it into an attack so blindingly fast that a foe cannot even react before they are under assault. Humans, ever fond of their neat, consistent labels, know it as extremespeed. It is an attack I have used often.

Extremespeeed has nothing to do with being fast. It is about throwing yourself forward in space but not in time, about being there before you realize that your legs have begun to move. It is knowing that all things are circular, but that the shortest distance between any two points on a circle is a straight line.

And it is dangerous. To perform extremespeed, and perform it correctly, you must brush up against the very limits of the universe, bend incredible possibility into mundane probability. For while humans believe that it must be difficult to go so fast, in truth it is most difficult to move so slowly, to reach the threshold but not give into temptation and accelerate across it. Arcanine are born to run, as the saying goes, and for us, no speed is too great. Our lives are spent slowing our blazing spirits to a crawl, lest we leave the world behind in our desire to run still faster.

But now my days of battling are over, my body slowly giving in to the pressure of a soul that wants to leave it behind now that it can no longer keep up. My creaking legs will no longer carry me into extremespeed.

Still, when at last I come to those last spare seconds of my life, I think that I will have enough energy in me for one last run.

I’ll run until the earth dissolves beneath me and light uncoils and I find myself in the dark place inhabited by those who move so fast they’re everywhere at once.

I’ll outrun Death himself and leave Memory far behind.

I’ll run so fast that I catch Time’s tail between my teeth and find myself, in the end, right back at my beginning.

And in that last moment before who I was becomes who I am, I’ll realize the true reaches of extremespeed.

So there you have it, straight from Notepad to LJ. Did I mention that this computer doesn't have a word processor?
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